Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Dhanax.com is it really worth it

Well I received an invitation from Dhanax.com to join in as an affiliate partner. Apparently I am one of the lucky chosen ones :). I did go ahead and join them and in the process I found that they didn't care to find out anything about me except my email address and a password. They did provide me with the banner ad for showing up on my blog. Now isnt that a bit funny for an affiliate marketing tie-up site? They do not explain the basic rules of the game such as
  1. What are the click through programs and when will I get paid (Yes they do have it on their website but you have to look around to find it. Not something that is laid out when an affiliate joins them
  2. No personal details about me (where do I live? How do we send you payments ? etc., etc.)
  3. No Information on their rules for click through ad placements, competition etc.
Either they are very new to the affiliate program business ( in which case I dont want to be the first beta bakra) or else they are really not interested or planning to do a good job of tracking and paying affiliate traffic. Both of these are just worrying enough that I have not displayed their ads on my website.

So Why am I writing about them? Their cause is a good cause, they want to get into micro lending business which eventually helps the poor but given that they claim to be professionally run "for - profilt" organization, I would expect more. Hope they are reading this one.

Have you had any experience with them? Please share your thoughts and experiences as comments to the rest of the readers can benefit from it.

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Gaurav Sharma said...

Hi Venu
This is Gaurav from Dhanax.
First of all, thanks for coming up with the short coming of our program, but most of them we already have sorted out. Regarding payment rules, I have noted the point..we will surely work on this point at the earliest.
Regarding personal details, we have given edit profile link in the profile page.And would have sent you a mail regarding the same but you must understand there may happen some unexpected system problems causing lag or delay in such communications and updates. Thats why the program is on hold for couple of days.
And regarding your worries about "first beta bakra" and "no intentions of tracking and paying affiliate traffic" ..believe us its nothing like that..We short-listed your blog because it is good not through any lucky draw.

Vivek Venugopalan said...

Good to see a prompt response. I would wait for dhanax to display its intent by changing its profile section to reflect the right messaging and data collection / capture for affiliates before I participate in the program. As they say, trust is earned not given and you dont get it by blaming bad email systems.

I am glad to hear that you have done research on my blog before shortlisting it. I guess you did miss one thing in your research - my name ! Hope you get it right next time.

narmada said...

Hi Venu,
I'm glad to see about Dhanax on the web. I'm sure the Dhanax team will fix the problems you've raised here. Let me share my thoughts as a customer. I'm the customer of Dhanax from a long time. I used to invest a lot in stocks earlier or else I had to prefer investing in some mutual fund for safe returns. The second option blocked my money for longer period. But now with Dhanax I'm getting decent returns for my investments in shorter time with a satisfaction of investing for social cause. I never faced a problem till now in my repayments What ever it may be the amount I invested (from 10000 to 100000) I never had an issue.

After seeing the conversation I felt like sharing my thoughts and experience with Dhanax.

~ Narmada

sun-space said...

Do you know DhanaX.com is mentioned on page 198 of Jeff Jarvis's famous book "What would Google do?. So i looked it up and guess what the site no longer exists.
I am keen to get in touch with them. Could you help please.
Dipalle Parmar