Thursday, June 02, 2005

An interesting approach to Investing

Santhosh at IndexNeXus has an interesting approach to investing in stocks using google. Here is a quick excerpt - you can read the full article at his site (URL below).

Many of us trade in stocks becos our friends told us to do so or found the recommendation on some business channel or trade magazine. But this is not an intelligent investment. The Internet so full of information that you can at-least do some basic research there and back up your decision with info you have researched

I am not into stocks. I am not a stock savvy person. So dont treat this as a very serious advice. But this way of gathering information is just another way of cross-verification and company profile research.

I have used Google for in genereal web search and Google News for finding the latest information from various news sources around the world. The other most important tool is the company website itself, from where you will get the pointers what to search ?

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Amit said...

Google News is actually a good source of info. I always check out recent news about a company before investing. One often comes across stuff that's not there in the various analyst reports.